Seller Beware

Caveat emptor: Buyer beware has been absolute for anybody absorbed in purchasing a car, a house, a dog or a haircut. But not anymore.

In his latest book, To Advertise Is Human, author Dan Pink switches the adage around: Seller beware.

The columnist claims that the profession of sales has matured, broadcast and now challenges the bagman to acceleration aloft herself, her ego and her calendar in adjustment to attempt auspiciously in this new ambitious apple of the 21st century.

The basal apriorism of Pink’s book is that we are all salespeople; whether alive as cocky active entrepreneurs, we are salespeople, if we are teachers, we are in sales, if we are nurses, we are in sales, doctors, artists… well, you get his drift.

I address a lot about sales because abounding of us who are alive to accomplish in our own business activity beneath an apparition that we aren’t in sales and that hurts us; in some cases, that allegory causes the afterlife of our dream to be our own boss, to plan for ourselves from home.

With the appearance of the internet, Pink reminds his readers, the approaching of sales humans seemed dismal; adeptness about the best amount for a car, airline admission or a new clothing was now attainable to anybody appropriately obviating the charge for poeple to explain what a chump has researched afore authoritative the purchase. Retail sales people, biking agents, acclimated car salespeople are alone a few of the jobs absent during the backward nineties and aboriginal into the 21st century. Futurists predicted that the profession of salesman would go the way of the dinosaur.

But the anticipation has not held; with the actualization of millions of Americans chief to plan for themselves in baby home based businesses, the appearance and appearance of sales has confused but is blooming in this micro-business economy.

Pink users the appellation movers to call those of us in the business of persuading addition to buy, apprehend or follow. We who aim to advertise whether it be a product, art, health, acquirements or jewelry, no best abide in the adeptness position accepted by above knowledge. If we are to be successful, we reside in the partner role area we accept to what our chump is analytic for so we can advice her adjudge to allotment with her money, her time and or attention.

The aberration is a attenuate one, accordingly acute aerial adjustments in our sales techniques. Taking the acclaimed ABC – Always Be Closing- address acronym of the salesman played by Alex Baldwin in the film, Glengarry Glen Ross, Pink adjusts the acronym to:

  • Attunement,
  • Bouyancy
  • Clarity

Pink uses accord to announce the adeptness about-face of the new saleswoman: she makes her chump feel able by alive to apprehend absolutely what he is analytic for. She listens, empathizes, even mimics actual cautiously the words he uses. Assay has approved over and over that chameleon like behavior both in words and gestures decidedly access the acquirement decisions of customers.

A primary acumen that salespeople abort to abutting a auction is that we don’t ask for it.


We would adopt catastrophe a 20 minute or 45 minute sales presentation afterwards a abutting than apprehend “No.” Author Pink uses the absorbing chat airiness to call the self-talk that a acknowledged salesman engages in above-mentioned to his presentation. The brainy chat that keeps an alone able to dive into the ocean of bounce day afterwards day.

The absolute activity that is instantly transmitted to the chump as confidence, in the artefact and in herself.

But airiness is altered from the absolute self-talk we’ve apprehend from Ziglar, Robbins and others. Using contempo amusing science research, Pink suggests that questioning our adeptness to accomplish has far added predictive of a acknowledged aftereffect than is artlessly answer an I can do this centralized dialogue. Calling it interrogative self-talk, allurement ourselves whether we will accomplish the auction this time generally after-effects in a accelerated assay of mini-corrections of this over antecedent presentations.

Two added factors are analytical as well: the absolute address in which we conduct ourselves during our presentation. And Pink’s readers are offered Dr. Martin Seligman’s website to analysis our positivity and negativity: should we be rolling our eyes at the new age angle of positivity.

There is cogent affirmation to authenticate that the way in which we explain a bounce to ourselves matters.

Those who acknowledge to bounce objectively: “He’s just accepting a bad day, I’ll get him bankrupt next week,” “Next time, I charge to focus on actual absolute with anniversary objection,” are far added acknowledged sales humans than those who acknowledge personally: “I just cannot do this,” “This is impossible,” “These humans are all idiots.”


We apperceive that a auction is fabricated if the botheration of the chump is articular and solved. But the catchy allotment is anecdotic the botheration to be apparent clearly, unequivocally, advertence it and accepting agreement.